Diary of a Dreamer - By Luba Ahuva Perlov (5067400740999)
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Diary of a Dreamer - By Luba Ahuva Perlov

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In her new book, “Diary of a Dreamer” Luba Ahuva Perlov is telling her story as Baalat Teshuvah and Shlucha. This book is about the generation that grew up behind the iron curtain, that wasn't exposed to yiddishkeit, and now is returning back to their roots. Their parents and great parents were driven away, threatened and deprived of keeping the Jewish faith for seven decades. Through HaShem's miracles, and thanks to the Lubavitcher Rebbe who saw their potential, an amazing transformation took place - those Jewish children are gaining strength, reaching out to others and illuminating the world!

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