For the Love of Truth - Dr. Immanuel Shochet (5065487810695)

For the Love of Truth - Dr. Immanuel Shochet

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We may sense - or even know - that Christian claims about the Jewish Bible (the Torah) are false. However, do we know why?

Furthermore, what about Jews who are knowledgeable and committed to Judaism - do we really know why we believe what we believe? How do we know that our tradition is true?

Considering thousands of years (and many billions of dollars) of attempts to wrest us from our heritage, it is amazing how faithful Jews have been to their faith.
In these pages, the late one-of-a-kind theologian, scholar, academic, and philosophical fighter, Rabbi Dr. Jacob Immanuel Schochet teaches and reminds us why Jews feel so confident with the Torah of Israel, to the point of persistent readiness throughout the ages to suffer martyrdom for it.

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