Israeli Etrog Sets
Israeli Etrog Sets
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Israeli Etrog Sets

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Each order comes with an Israeli Etrog, Hadas, Aravah, and a Lulav of your choice. 

Outdoor Etrog Market: Upon ordering, you will receive an email notification to schedule your pick up appointment, the complete details and location of the market to select your etrog.

Italian vs Israeli Etrogim

Many, including Chabad, prefer “Calabria etrogim,”grown on the southern Italian coast in the region of Calabria. When blessing his son Esau, Isaac promised that his “dwelling place shall be the fat places of the earth and of the dew of the heaven from above.”7 The Midrash explains that “the fat places of the earth” is a reference to “the part of Italy belonging to Greece”— the south of Italy, which is called Magna Graecia.

We try to use the most attractive and highest quality items when bringing an offering or doing a mitzvah, as the verse states, “All the superior quality [lit. fat] should be given to the L‑rd.”9 Thus, we want our etrogim to come from “the fat of the earth.”