Gateway to Judaism (5113064292487)

Gateway to Judaism

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The book addresses many fascinating and essential aspects of traditional faith and practice, including:

What are the major milestones of Jewish life?
How do we pray?
Why do we keep kosher?
Why do we put mezuzahs on doorposts?
What are the thirteen fundamentals of Jewish thought?
What is the rationale for observing the commandments of the Torah (mitzvot)?
Why is Torah study central to Jewish communal life?
How can we know the Torah is a divine document?
Why are justice, charity, kindness, and ethics such important issues amongst Jews?
Why do we have so many holidays and what do they signify?
Why do we say so many blessings (brachot)?
Each chapter is organized by:

1.An overview and philosophical introduction to the topic, including the Biblical and Rabbinic sources
2.Practical laws and instructions
3.Where appropriate, the Levy family provides illustration in a family setting of how the chapter topic applies to daily living
4.Extensive endnote sources, making this book a valuable desk reference for Jewish outreach professionals.
If you've ever wanted to understand the "why" behind the "what' and "how" of Jewish living, this book is your key to open wide the gates of insight.


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