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Mezuzah Check

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Get your mezuzahs checked by a kosher qualified sofer! 

1-2 week turn around time in cooperation with Hamafitz STAM

How It Works

  1. Enter in how many Mezuzah's you need checked
  2. Choose which method you intend on getting your mezuzahs to us
  3. Upon Kodesh Judaica receiving your Mezuzahs, they are sent directly to the sofer. 
  4. Upon receiving your Mezuzah's back from the sofer, we will notify you that your Mezuzahs are ready to pick up or be shipped back to your home along with an invoice and channel for payment. 
  5. If you plan on picking up your mezuzahs at our store, payment can be processed in person and the invoice disregarded. However, if you'd like us to ship your mezuzahs back to you, the invoice must be paid in full before shipment. 

*Rates for Mezuzah checks vary by number of mezuzahs, checking results, and shipping rates and are the complete responsibility of Hamafitz STAM.*