The Priestly Breastplate Mezuzah Case

The Priestly Breastplate Mezuzah Case

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  • Elegant rounded pewter Mezuzah case to bring pleasure and blessing
  • Above "Shin" are Biblical blessing words for arrival and departure
  • At base are twelve colored stones as image of Priestly breastplate
  • Attach using provided double sided tape or screws in holes

This elegant pewter Mezuzah features three popular Jewish motifs: the traditional “shin”, moving Biblical words of blessing, “Blessed are you on entering. Blessed are you on leaving” and at the base, a design of the Breastplate worn by the High Priest in the Temple. The twelve colored stones represent the twelve tribes of Israel.

Made in Israel and comes with a ten year warranty.

The case is easily attached to the doorpost of your choice either with the double sided tape provided or by inserting screws in the holes at the top and bottom of the Mezuzah case.

Length: 5” / 13.2 cm
Width: 1.” / 2.5 cm