Tefillin - Wrapped in Majesty, Exploring the Mystery -Pinson (5110867689607)

Tefillin - Wrapped in Majesty, Exploring the Mystery -Pinson

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Tefillin, the black boxes and leather straps, that are worn during prayer, are curiously powerful and mysterious. Within the inky black boxes lie untold secrets.

In this profound, passionate and thought-provoking text, Rav DovBer Pinson explores and reveals the multi-dimensional perspectives of Tefillin. Rav Pinson magically weaves together all dimensions of Torah;, Peshat, literal observation, to Remez, the allegorical; Derush, the homiletic, to Sod, hidden Kabbalistic, into one wonderful tapestry. Rav Pinson reaches for the underlying unity within all wellsprings of Torah and uncovers the hidden profound mystery of the Tefillin.

Inspirational and instructive, Wrapped in Majesty: Tefillin, will make putting on the Tefillin more meaningful and deepen the experience.