The 13 Petalled Rose - By Adin Steinsaltz (5067292049543)
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The 13 Petalled Rose - By Adin Steinsaltz

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In this classic work of Jewish mystical thought, world-renowned scholar Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz explores the major questions asked by modern Jews about the nature of existence in God’s universe. The title The Thirteen Petalled Rose, taken from the opening lines of the seminal work of Jewish mysticism, the Zohar, refers to the “collective souls of the Jewish people,” which scholars have likened to the fullness of a rose and its petals. This expanded edition of The Thirteen Petalled Rose features a new preface and two new chapters that provide a moving explanation of the Kabbalistic view of devotion, and a profound interpretation of the prophet Elijah’s Introduction to the Zohar.