The Four Species - Rav Dovber Pinson (5071715958919)
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The Four Species - Rav Dovber Pinson

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Each autumn we celebrate Sukkos anew, and with it many unusual and intriguing Mitvos, including the Mitzvah of gathering the Four Species. The Arba Minim, or Four Species, have inspired countless commentaries and traditions and intrigued scholars and mystics alike. With their rich symbolism they invoke wonder, and evoke our senses. In this little masterpiece of wisdom ­- both profound and practical - Rav DovBer Pinson explores the deep symbolic roots and nature of the Four Species. The Na'anuim, or ritual of the Lulav movement, is meticulously detailed and Kavanos, or meditations, are offered for use with the practice. Includes an illustrated guide to the Lulav Movements.