To Be a Mentch (Hardcover) (5113096405127)

To Be a Mentch (Hardcover)

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We all want to be righteous, upstanding Jews, observing G-d's Torah, fulfilling His commandments. Yet often, too often, the laws of interpersonal relationships - bein adam l'chaveiro -- get overlooked. In this groundbreaking work, To Be a Mentch, Rabbi Yitzchak Shkop shows us the vital importance of the laws of interpersonal relationships. To Be a Mentch is many things: it's a work of halachah, a work of Torah thought, and a practical guide to improving our relationships - both personal and professional. Drawing upon numerous Torah sources as well as true-life stories, 

Rabbi Shkop discusses:

How to make, and keep, resolutions that are sustainable and effective
The vast importance of a step at a time
How to give the benefit of the doubt
How to maintain integrity in business, for both employer and employee
How to improve our relationships with our spouses
The shidduch process and making it work
How to strengthen the traits of compassion, pity, lovingkindness, gratitude
Anger management
Friendship - and the importance of a smile

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